Spring Registration

Returning families/students:

You have already created an account and do not need to create a new one! Please click here to sign in to your account. Then add the class(es) you would like to your cart. Please remember to sign up for the same class your dancer was in during the fall. Complete your registration with a credit/debit card payment for January's tuition. Thank you!

New Students:

You will use our online registration website it to sign up for class(es), pay and keep track of all your information. You will be able to log into your account anytime to see what you have paid or update information. 

Importation information to know before signing up:

The online registration website is set up like online shopping. To register you will need to create an accout, add the correct dance class(es) to your shopping cart and then make a payment by adding your credit or debit card. At the time of registration new students will be paying the once a year registration fee AND Janurary's tuition.  In order to hold your child's spot and complete registration, you must make an online payment with your credit or debit card!! If you would like to pay cash or with a check please contact Kit Rossi or Stacy Sulewski as soon as possible to ensure we hold a spot for your child.

Under the list of classes, you will find a short list of fees. The costume fee and upper school recital fee are not due until later. However, if you would like to pay for them now, just add them to your cart. Thank you!

The system will do automatic withdrawals, to the credit or debit card you added to your account, for monthly tuition. 

If the class you wish to sign up for is already full, please still register for the class! You will be put on a waiting list. When space becomes available in the class, we will contact you.

New students - How to sign up:

1. Click HERE to open our online system - classbug.  

2. Select a class you wish to register for by clicking on the green cart.

3. Create a log in account

4. Enter your info AND your dancer's info.
           -The first time you enter your child, you will select new student. Then enter their information. If you select 
            another class for the same child, they will then be in the existing student drop down box.         

5. You can then either "keep shopping" to add more classes or another child.

6. Add your credit or debit card for payments. 

7. Click the little box by the waiver.

8. Click the green "complete purchase" button.

You will receive a confirmation email when you are done.

Thank you!


Financial assistance may be available as needed. You can fill out the form here.