Spring 2019 Schedule

Upper school, lower school and acro/tumbling classes starts the week of January 14th.

Lower school and acro/tumbling classes end the week of April 8th and the recital will be on April 14th.

Upper school classes end the week of April 29th and the recital will be on May 5th.

3:30-4:15- 3-4 year old Ballet -full-
4:15-5:15- 2nd-3rd Grade Ballet (Int/Adv) -full-
5:15-6:00- 4th-5th Grade Modern (Must Take Ballet) 

3:30-4:15- Kindergarten-1st Grade- Ballet/Jazz -full-
4:15-5:15- 4th-5th Grade Ballet(Int/Adv) -full-
5:15-6:00- 2nd-3rd Grade Modern/Jazz (Must Take Ballet) -full-
6:00-7:15- 6th-8th Grade Ballet/Pointe

9:15-9:45- 2 year old Ballet -full-
9:45-10:30- 3-4 year old Ballet -full-

3:45-4:30- 4-5 year old Ballet/Tap -full-
4:30-5:15- K-1st Ballet/Tap -full-

3:45-4:30- 2nd-4th Grade Ballet (Beg/Int) -full-
4:30-5:15 Jazz and Modern alternating- 6th-8th Grade (Must Take Ballet) 
5:15-6:30 Ballet/Pointe/Pre-pointe 6th-8th Grade -full-

9:15-9:45- 2 year old Ballet
9:45-10:30- 3 year old Ballet -full- 
10:30-11:15- 4-5 year old Ballet/Jazz

11:15-12:00-Kindergarten/1st Grade Ballet 
12:00-1:00- 5th-8th Grade Ballet/Pointe (Int/Adv)
1:30-2:30- 5th-8th Grade Modern & Jazz (Must Take Ballet)

11:15-12:00- 2nd-4th Grade Ballet (Int/Adv)
12:00-1:00- 5th-8th Grade Ballet (Int)
1:00-1:30- Pre pointe/conditioning/flexibility- 4th-8th grade 
1:30-2:15- 2nd-4th grade Modern & Jazz (Must Take Ballet)

1:00-2:00- SUMP PreK4 Ballet -full-

3:45-4:30- Beginning Tumbling (ages 5 year olds and up) -full-
4:30-5:15- Int/Adv Tumbling -full-
5:15-6:00- Hip hop- 2nd-5th grade (Must Take Ballet)

3:30-4:15- 4-5 year old Ballet/Jazz 
4:15-5:00- 2nd-5th Grade Ballet (Beg)
5:00-5:45 -K-1st grade Ballet/Tap 

5:45-6:30- 3-4 year old Ballet/Tap -full-

1:00-2:00- SUMP PreK3 & PreK4 Ballet