Spring 2019 Recital Information

Upper School Dress Rehersal

Saturday, May 4th
Southside United Methodist Church Family Life Center

The dress rehearsal will be held at Southside United Methodist Church’s Family Life Center. See below for the time & order of each rehearsal. If possible, please stay so you can take your child(ren) when they are done with their dance(s). Please try your best to be on time (9:00 am or 10:00 am) because the dancers will be learning a finale piece before we start the individual dances. All students need to wear their ballet/point shoes, tights/leggings, costume and hair pulled back (a bun is not necessary for rehearsal). Please no makeup. If your child has multiple dances, please have them were a leotard and tights under their costume so they can quickly switch thier costumes by the stage or their seat.

9:00am Rehearsal Order:
All dancers - learn finale dance
Faithfulness: Monday 4:15 Ballet Grades 2nd-3rd
Provision: Monday 5:15 Modern Grades 2nd-3rd
Laughter: Thursday Hip Hop Grades 2nd – 5th
Growth: Monday 4:15 Ballet Grades 4th -5th
Courage: Monday 5:15 Modern Grades 4th -5th
Redemption: Tuesday 3:45 Ballet Grades 2nd-4th
Love: Thursday 4:15 Ballet Grades 2nd-4th
Trust: Wednesday 11:15 Ballet Grades 2nd-4th
Failure: Wednesday 1:30 Jazz Grades 2nd -4th

10:00am Rehearsal Order:
All dancers - learn finale dance
Perseverance: Wednesday 1:30 Jazz/Modern Grade 5th-8th
Grace: Wednesday 12:00 Ballet Grades 5th – 8th
Beauty: Wednesday 12:00 Ballet/Point Grade 5th-8th
Leap: Monday 6:00 Ballet Grades 6th-8th
Joy: Tuesday 4:30 Modern/Jazz Grades 6th-8th
Tears: Tuesday 5:15 Ballet Grades 6th-8th


Upper School Recital
Sunday, May 5th 5:00 pm
Bolles Middle School – Bartram Campus
2264 Bartram Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Dancers will need to arrive at 4:00pm in regular cloths. Dancers need to bring their pink Dance for Joy shirt, ballet/pointe shoes, tights/legginings, black leggings, costumes, hair pieces, bobby pins.  Please have your dancer’s hair and makeup done before they arrive, so you can drop off your child with costume in hand and then go find your seat. There are no tickets for the show, seats are first come first serve. There will be helpers back stage to assist your child if needed. Dancers will be returning all costumes and hair pieces at the end of the show. Please save all hangers and bags that your child's costumes came in, so they can return their costume the same way they received it.