Make A Payment

Tuition and Fees. We are encouraging a one-time payment for the first semester (3 months), however, this is not required. Payment for the fall semester is due on the first day of class. Here is a breakdown of fees:

*Reminder: 2 year-1st grade is a semester long commitment (3 months tuition). 2nd-7th grade is a school year long commitment (6-7 months depending on our spring schedule and recital date) but we only ask that you pay for the fall session now.

  • Monthly rate per family (This rate applies to individual student and siblings. For example, Ryn, Grace and Charley Rossi take 8 classes altogether, so my total tuition would be $200/month) 

    $35/month-(1) 30 minute class per week
    $45/month -(1) 45 minute class per week
    $50/month-(1) 1-hour class per week
    $75/month- 2 classes per week
    $100/month- 3 classes per week
    $125/month- 4 classes per week
    $150/month- 5 classes per week
    $175/month- 6 classes per week
    $200/month- Unlimited classes

  • Please make checks out to Kit Rossi and turn in to the tuition box. 

Registration Fee (only once a year) -  $30 per family, due at time of registration

Costume Fee
      Lower school (age 2 - 1st grade) - $20 per student, due October 12th
      Upper school (2nd grade-7th grade) - No costume fee during the fall session as there is only a spring recital.
                                                                    In the spring, costumes will be rented for $15 per class. 
Upper School Spring Recital Fee (only once a year)- $30 per family, this is a one time fee and will be paid in the spring.
Tuition - due the first day of class
Financial Assistance may be available as needed. Click here for more details.

*Teachers at Hendricks Avenue Elementary will all receive 50% off tuition and fees (except costume). Dance for Joy is a partner with HAPI (Hendricks Avenue Partnership Initiative) through Southside United Methodist Church and it is our desire to serve the children and staff at this wonderful school. 


* Please do NOT include a currency symbol ($) when entering the payment amount.