Fall Recital 2019

Lower School Recital is Sunday, December 15, 2019

The recital will be at Southside United Methodist Church’s Family Life Center. The Life Center is the building directly next to the dance studio. There will be two different recital times on December 15th. Each show will be about 45 mins long. The doors will open 30 minutes before the show starts. No tickets are needed and seats are first come first serve. See below for which time your dancer preforms. More details have been emailed to you. If you did not recieve the email, please contact Stacy.

Reminder - Your dancer will need their own leotard for the recital. The leotard can have any type of sleeve but please no attached skirts:

  • Black leotards for all 4-5 year old classes, PreK/K classes, K/1st class, and Thur SUMP
  • White leotards for all 2’s year old classes, 3-4’s year old classes, and Fri SUMP


4:00pm show order:

  1. 2 year old ballet class Tues 9:15
  2. 3-4 year old ballet class Mon 3:30
  3. K/1st grade ballet/tap class Mon 3:30
  4. 4-5 year old ballet/jazz class Wed 10:15
  5. 3-4 year old ballet class Tues 9:15
  6. K/1st grade ballet/tap class Thurs 5:00
  7. Prek/K ballet/jazz class Tues 3:45
  8. 3-4 year old ballet class Wed 9:30
  9. K/1st grade ballet class Wed 11:00


6:00pm show order:

  1. 2 year old ballet class Fri 9:30
  2. Prek/K ballet/jazz class Thurs 5:45
  3. 3-4 year old ballet/tap class Tues 5:15
  4. 4-5 year old ballet/tap class Thurs 3:30
  5. 3-4 year old ballet class Thurs 4:15
  6. SUMP ballet class Thur 1:00
  7. K/1st grade ballet/jazz class Thurs 4:15
  8. SUMP ballet class Fri 1:00
  9. 4-5 year old ballet class Fri 10:00