Fall 2018 Schedule

Upper school starts the week of Sept. 10th
Lower school and Tumbling/Acro classes starts the week of Sept. 17th
All classes end the week of Dec. 10th

Lower school spring recital is December 16th

3:30-4:15- 3-4 year old Ballet (full)
4:15-5:15- 2nd-3rd Grade Ballet (Int/Adv) (full)
5:15-6:00- 4th-5th Grade Modern (Must Take Ballet) 

3:30-4:15- Kindergarten-1st Grade- Ballet/Jazz (full)
4:15-5:15- 4th-5th Grade Ballet (Int/Adv) (full)
5:15-6:00- 2nd-3rd Grade Modern/Jazz (Must Take Ballet) 
6:00-7:15- 6th-8th Grade Ballet/Pointe

9:15-9:45- 2 year old Ballet (full)
9:45-10:30- 3-4 year old Ballet (full)

3:45-4:30- 4-5 year old Ballet/Tap (full)
4:30-5:15- K-1st Ballet/Tap (full)

3:45-4:30- 2nd-4th Grade Ballet (Beg/Int) (full)
4:30-5:15 Jazz and Modern alternating- 6th-8th Grade (Must Take Ballet) (full)
5:15-6:30 Ballet/Pointe/Pre-pointe 6th-8th Grade (full)

9:15-9:45- 2 year old Ballet (full)
9:45-10:30- 3 year old Ballet (full)
10:30-11:15- 4-5 year old Ballet/Jazz
11:15-12:00-Kindergarten/1st Grade Ballet
12:00-1:00- 5th-8th Grade Ballet/Pointe (Int/Adv)
1:30-2:30- 5th-8th Grade Modern & Jazz (Must Take Ballet)

11:15-12:00- 2nd-4th Grade Ballet (Int/Adv)
12:00-1:00- 5th-8th Grade Ballet (Int)
1:00-1:30- Pre pointe/conditioning/flexibility- 4th-8th grade 
1:30-2:15- 2nd-4th grade Modern & Jazz (Must Take Ballet)

1:00-2:00- SUMP PreK4 Ballet (full)

3:45-4:30- Beginning Tumbling* (ages 5 year olds and up) (full)
4:30-5:15- Int/Adv Tumbling* (full)
5:15-6:00- Hip hop- 2nd-5th grade (Must Take Ballet) (full)

3:30-4:15- 4-5 year old Ballet/Jazz (full)
4:15-5:00- 2nd-5th Grade Ballet (Beg)
5:00-5:45 -K-1st grade Ballet/Tap (full)
5:45-6:30- 3-4 year old Ballet/Tap (full)

1:00-2:00- SUMP PreK3 & PreK4 Ballet (full)

*Tumbling/Acro classes start the same week as lower school (the week of Sept. 17th).