Class Schedule

2020 Fall Dance Schedule

The fall session will only be for current dance families. At this time, we will not be accepting any new dancers. Below is the schedule for the 12 week fall session. Please note that the classes in Purple will be live online/virtual classes via zoom. 


4:00-4:45- 4th Grade Modern     3:30-4:15- 1st Grade Ballet
4:45-5:45- 4th Grade Ballet   4:15-5:00- 2nd-3rd Grade Ballet   
5:45-6:30- 8th-10th Grade Modern      5:00-5:45- 4th-5th Grade Ballet      
6:30-7:45- 8th-10th Grade Ballet  
3:45-4:30- Hip Hop 2nd-5th Grade     3:30-4:15- 1st Grade Ballet
4:30-5:15- Modern 2nd-3rd Grade 4:15-5:00- 5th Grade Ballet
5:15-6:00- Ballet 2nd-3rd Grade 5:00-5:45- 5th-7th Grade Modern 
  5:45-6:45- 6th-7th Grade Ballet
  6:45-8:00- 8th-10th grade Pointe
10:00-10:45- 1st Grade Ballet 10:30-11:30-Ballet 2nd-4th Grade
11:00-11:45- 8th-10th Grade Modern 11:30-12:15- Modern 2nd-4th Grade 
11:45-1:00- 8th-10th Grade Ballet/Pointe(Int/Adv) 12:30-1:30- Ballet 5th-8th Grade               
  1:30-2:15- Modern/Jazz 5th-8th Grade        
4:15-5:00- 1st Grade Ballet    
5:00-5:45- 2nd-3rd Grade Ballet